Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toyota 5w40 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils have been developed in coordination with the development of Toyota vehicles. Our extensive research and development has created high performance and low oil consumption products for the engine and transmission. Our oils not only meet the API (American Petroleum Institute) standard but also the stringent Toyota standards of quality and performance.

Synthetic oil is an advanced type of engine oil that offers greater protection and reduces internal friction significantly. Synthetic oil has unique properties which allow it to cope with extreme temperatures far greater than mineral oils. The compounds of synthetic oil do not 'shear' (a technical term for the breaking up of molecules) at very high temperatures which can cause loss of protection.

Toyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil, which has been specially formulated for high performance Toyota cars, is suitable for Malaysian driving conditions where ambient temperatures are very high. The unique formulation also makes it extremely slippery, hastening circulation during the first start-up when the engine is cold. It avoids a lot of wear and tear that occurs during this period before the engine warms up.

We are supplier in all kind of automobil spare part and accesories.
Promotion Price: RM 128/4L, postage discount 50% for 2 unit x 4L & above to anywhere in West Malaysia

H/P no: 019-3885148

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